Proper Braces Care

You’re on your way to a better smile! To ensure your treatment’s efficiency and effectiveness, take good care of your braces. Damaged appliances may prolong the process, but consistent wear of prescribed rubber bands, headgear, or retainers will help your teeth and jaw move as quickly as possible.

Food Do’s and Don’ts

Especially in the first few days when your teeth and mouth are sore, watch out for hard, crunchy, or chewy foods. Eating nuts, popcorn, and bagels could cause damage to your appliance and should be substituted for softer foods that are easier on your mouth.

Dairy foods such as soft cheese and pudding are great ways to snack with braces. Go wild with grains like pasta, rice, and pancakes, or veg out with steamed greens and beans. Ice cream (without nuts!) and milkshakes make for soothing treats, especially on sore days. Feel free to pack a lunch meat or soft-cooked chicken for your afternoon meal. Really, there’s no reason for foodies to fear—so long as foods are relatively soft and easy to chew, you’re good to go.


You can expect temporary soreness within the first few days of braces—your mouth will gradually adjust to the appliance, dissolving any braces-caused pain. For relief, you can swish and gargle one dissolved teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of lukewarm water, making sure not to swallow the saltwater. If this doesn’t do the trick, try using a pain reliever.

The inside of your mouth, including lips, cheeks, and tongue, will take one to two weeks to toughen up. If irritation occurs, feel free to ask us for wax that you can put over your braces as a buffer between the appliance and your mouth.

Don’t worry if your teeth feel loose—that’s part of the process of moving them. Once they’ve been repositioned by your braces, they will no longer feel loose.

Loose Wires and Bands

If your wires and bands come loose, please contact us so we can make necessary repairs as soon as possible. Be sure to bring any fallen pieces with you to the appointment.

For loose wires, push them back in place with the back of a spoon or a hard eraser for a temporary fix. If the wires irritate the inside of your mouth, use wax to cover the sharp edge.


We advise the use of mouth guards to protect your teeth and appliance during athletic activity. If you run into a serious predicament, check for any harm done to your mouth or your braces, and contact us if you notice loose teeth or appliance damage. Use the aforementioned saltwater technique to relieve discomfort or wax to prevent potentially sharp pains.