iTero Digital Impression System

Conventional vs Digital Impressions

Those who have had to sit with a goopy impression mold in their mouths at the orthodontist know the experience can range from uncomfortable to frightening. Recent developments in optical technology have changed the game entirely: Using the iTero scanner, your orthodontist can now scan a perfect digital impression of your teeth and gums without the seemingly-suffocating tray and putty.

The scanner creates an instant 3D model of your teeth, making for a quicker and more comfortable impression experience without retakes or distortions. The speed and precision of the digital model improves communication during consultation and accuracy in treatment.

How It Works

The iTero scanner is a hand-held wand that digitally captures your teeth and soft tissue structures. It is compact, which means you canbreathe and swallow naturally, and your orthodontist can stop the process at any time to give you a break between pictures.

The system involves a radiation-free laser that renders a perfect 3D impression within two to three minutes. This impression allows for a precise fit for any orthodontic treatment, including retainers or aligners such as Invisalign.