Damon® Braces

If you’re hoping for more inconspicuous, comfortable, and hygienic braces, Damon braces are the way to go. This appliance doesn’t just straighten teeth—it also enhances your facial aesthetics by considering your face, profile, and other factors during treatment. You can choose between silver or clear braces with Damon.

How They Work

Damon braces set themselves apart by being self-litigating. In other words, they eliminate the need for elastic or metal “ties” holding the wires to your brackets. Instead, high-tech shape-memory wires move teeth into place, resulting in a quicker process.

While regular braces often require additional space for movement, Damon braces usually work without the need for extractions or palatal expanders.


Patients choose Damon for the increased treatment effectiveness and decreased visibility. The appliance speeds up treatment to the point of cutting needed appointments with us nearly in half. Plus, Damon braces are friction-free, which is better for your teeth. They also make cleaning easier, as elastic bands on most braces can collect plaque and other bacteria which might cause discoloring. Clear brackets are available if you prefer to be more discreet, as they blend in well with your smile.

Length of Treatment

Treatment time can be reduced by as much as six months, which pays off in fewer visits to our office. The length of any individual treatment will vary by your unique needs.


While the system appears pricier then regular braces, the shortened treatment time makes up for the initially greater expense. The overall cost of Damon braces depends on the difficulty and length of your individual treatment as well as insurance coverage. Ask us about the cost of Damon braces for your unique case at your next appointment.