Why You Should Get Orthodontist Services From Wade Thompson Orthodontics

Quite often when you think of orthodontists you think of young children and teenagers getting braces on their teeth. The concept of such adjustments in your adult years is far removed from most people’s thoughts. While most people think about orthodontics as a way to improve their overall appearance there are some very important reasons why you would want to get orthodontist services from Wade Thompson Orthodontics. As explained by WebMD,

“It’s no surprise that straight teeth are easier to brush and floss. If you’re doing your part, expect less decay and healthier gums. Antibacterial mouth rinses can also help keep your teeth and gums free of plaque-causing bacteria that can lead to gingivitis, an early, mild form of gum disease.”

Whether you’re considering getting orthodontist services from Wade Thompson Orthodontics to improve your appearance or to improve your oral health you will likely be surprised at some of the newer treatments for orthodontics since your younger years.

New Options in Orthodontics

You probably remember the “metal mouth” days when people were fitted with new metal braces that were embarrassing and difficult to hide. Today you have many new options with barely noticeable braces made from ceramics rather than the more unsightly metal. They can also be attached to the back of the teeth by brackets rather than in the front. This will instantly give you a brighter look rather than having to wait for months for the adjustments to be completed.

Your Experience

Another concern that often affects adults is their experience at the orthodontist. When you have very busy lives you need information that you can plan your regular activities around. Most people need to know the beginning, middle, and end so that they can effectively build it into their regular routine.

Realistically, adult teeth are often more difficult to adjust than younger teeth so depending on what you are having done you can expect your treatments to last somewhere in the vicinity of 12 to 44 months. Since teeth tend to continuously move throughout your lifetime, there will be the chance that they will shift again so expect that you will have to wear a retainer even after the treatment is completed.

Your Health

There is no real appropriate age for getting your teeth straightened. While most often it is done during younger years there is no wrong time to focus on your teeth. The one factor that may prevent your getting your dental health cared for is your overall oral health. According to Arch Wired,

“One of the most important things to consider is the state of your gums and jaw bones. If you have unhealthy gums, a lot of gum recession, or bone loss, braces may not be recommended because the pressure they put on your gums could cause unfavorable complications.”

Before you plan your trip to the orthodontist visit your regular dentist to make sure your oral health is strong enough to withstand the treatments.

Whether the treatment you’re looking for is a simple case of realignment or something more serious that will require surgery there are still plenty of reasons why you would consider getting orthodontist services from Wade Thompson Orthodontics.

There have been many misconceptions over the years about getting adult orthodontic treatments and whether or not you should. However, there is no age limit for taking care of your teeth.

Over the years, the field of orthodontics has changed in some very innovative ways. At the very least, it will be well worth your while to at least take advantage of the free consultation services to see just how beneficial it can be to get treatments that will improve your overall oral health and give you a better smile at the same time.

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