Why You Should Choose Damon Braces Orem, Utah For Aligning Your Teeth

For adults and children who need braces, aligning their teeth will eventually lead to a beautiful smile that they can be proud of.  One of the more recent innovations and treatments for correcting malocclusions (misaligned teeth) is Damon Braces or the Damon System.  The system involves a passive, self-ligating method for aligning your teeth meaning that the braces are permanently installed buy have adjustable components.  The brackets of the Damon System do not require the use of elastic bands (O-rings) to hold the braces in place.


The advantage of not using O-rings is that this allows the wires of the braces to slide freely whenever they are sliding through the slots.  Additionally, the absence of O-rings means that oral bacteria cannot get trapped between your braces and your teeth which means your oral hygiene will be must better.  Damon Braces Orem, Utah just like other Damon systems throughout the US employs small sliding “doors” plus there are stops which help to prevent any displacement of the wires.


In addition to those features, there are three advantages that Damon Braces Orem, Utah provides compared to traditional braces, including:


  • Clinically proven treatment aligns your teeth while enhancing your smile and your overall facial appearance.
  • Self-litigating operation eliminates the use of ties so your teeth can be aligned easier without the discomfort of tightening.
  • Shape-memory wire technology moves your teeth easier and faster so fewer adjustments are required.


Additionally, you do not feel the discomfort of friction and pressure that you would normally experience with traditional braces.  Aligning your teeth with traditional braces is considerably more uncomfortable and the process takes longer.  Your Damon Braces are comfortable and less obtrusive which makes them much easier to clean and protects against plaque build-up.  Therefore, maintaining proper oral hygiene is much easier.  Your teeth move much easier with the Damon Braces design compared to traditional braces so the length of time involved with aligning your teeth is shorter.


Another important feature of Damon Braces is that they are available with clear brackets.  This is especially important if you are a self-conscious teenager that is concerned about your appearance.  Basically, the days of hearing those upsetting nicknames because you wear unattractive traditional braces are over.  Probably the most important benefit of the Damon system is that fewer office visits are required.  This means that this is a more cost-effective method for properly aligning your teeth.


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