What Are Damon Braces Orem Utah Dentists Offer?

Having a million dollar smile is something that is very important. A smile speaks a thousand words, as they say, but if you find you have to hide your smile because your teeth are crooked, this can have tremendous effects on your self-esteem and even your career opportunities. In an ideal world, crooked teeth are mended during puberty, but in the real world, most parents are unable to afford this. This means that once we reach adulthood, we become responsible for the price of sorting our teeth out. By this time, it is generally even more important that we look good, as we often have jobs where we have to face others. Hence, wearing big metal braces is often not a good option, whereas near-invisible braces, such as Damon braces are such a great opportunity.

“I picked the Damon clear system because I am a professional who does a lot of public speaking. I didn’t want the braces to be the first thing people noticed and I liked how clear the braces look, especially from a distance.”

What Is the Damon System?

When it comes to Damon braces Orem Utah dentists are generally recommending this system to their patients. This is because, although the system is relatively knew, it is also highly effective. Naturally, you do have to speak to your orthodontist to make sure these braces are effective for you, but if they are, you can enjoy all of the system’s benefits.

“It offers advantages of systems like Invisalign but the other added benefits of traditional tie braces, giving people a great in-between method to get their teeth looking great.”

The Damon Clear system is indeed incredibly effective and comes out on top in reviews, particularly compared to Invisalign, which is the other near-invisible type of brace that people tend to choose. Invisalign has gone through a very effective marketing campaign and has been available for slightly longer than Damon Clear, which is why most patients will ask for that straight away. However, you should always do a little bit of research on what your options are before making a decision, and you may just find that the Damon system is much more suitable for you. Indeed, the benefits of the Damon system compared to Invisalign have been well documented.

“Damon System braces have been found to be more comfortable than traditional braces, according to clinical studies.”

They have also been found to be more effective, particularly if there is more significant tooth crowding. Furthermore, Damon has reported far fewer relapse figures than Invisalign. Unlike Invisalign, Damon does not cause any temporary speech impediments. Also, since it does not get removed during the night, it actually works around the clock.

If You Are Not Eligible

Unfortunately, there are certain situations in which the Damon Clear system may not be suitable for you. If this is the case, there are other Damon systems you could choose from. One of these alternatives is the Damon Q, which is also offered by Orem Utah dentists.

“Open new doors to practice efficiency, clinical flexibility, patient comfort and aesthetics with the all-new, all-metal Damon Q-a major step forward in low-friction, passive self-ligation technology that delivers far more than straight teeth.”

The reality is that nobody has to walk around with crooked teeth anymore. Even if there are reasons why you may not be eligible for certain well-known brands like Damon or Invisalign, there are other options out there as well. Best of all, achieving that million dollar smile does not cost a million dollars either. In fact, you could have either Damon or Invisalign for between $3,800 and $8,000.

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