What Are Damon Braces And How Do They Work?

Damon braces are one the newest orthodontic treatments out there and everybody wants to have them. They are a brace system designed to push or pull teeth in a position that makes them look completely straight. They are, unfortunately, a lot more expensive than more conventional treatments such as standard metal braces, but they offer a huge range of advantages that the standard metal models do not. Because of this, a lot of people feel that they are worth the elevated price.

What Are Damon Braces?

The system uses self-ligating braces. In other words, the system doesn’t attach an arch wire with elastic ligatures to the brackets. Instead, there is a component in the brackets themselves, which keep it attached by closing around the wire itself. This is supposed to make them a lot more effective, as well as a lot less visible.

The Advantages of Damon Braces

Self-ligating systems have a number of advantages over the standard metal braces. Indeed, these advantages are so significant that most orthodontists now recommend this system over the more conventional ones. For wearers, one of the main advantages is that Damon systems are nearly invisible. This is important aesthetically, as a lot of people find wearing metal braces is quite embarrassing. However, the reality is also that more conventional braces now use clear versions, which means that those who are highly image conscious don’t have to go for Damon anymore. However, not all dentists have the clear versions and it is also important to remember that Damon has other advantages as well.

The biggest additional advantage is that the treatment time is greatly reduced by choosing Damon. Indeed, the time can be cut by as much as six months compared to those who use metal braces. Additionally, much fewer appointments are needed, with the average being 47.8% less. What this means as well is that although the system itself may be a lot more expensive, the treatment is significantly cheaper, which means that they actually cost the same if not less overall.

Additionally, the system is simply better for the teeth. This is because they do not use any kind of friction, since there are no metal or elastic ligatures. Hence, teeth are able to slide into position. It is this that cuts down on the treatment time. Furthermore, it also means less pain is experienced by those who have to wear them, which is an amazing advantage.

Finally, the system is a lot more hygienic. The elastic bands that are placed over standard braces often accumulate plaque and other bacteria and they often start to get discolored. Naturally, this does depend on the type of food and beverages that people consume, but there is always an element of hygiene problems there. Because Damon doesn’t use ligatures, oral health is maintained throughout the treatment period. Hence, when the braces come off, the resulting smile is a lot healthier. This is an important consideration, because it also means later dental problems could be significantly reduced.

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