We Put the “Tin” in Tinsel!

We’ve heard it all!

Tin Grin

Metal Mouth

Brace Face

But for the most part we find that our patients are EXCITED to get braces and be on their way to a straight smile!  We have several patients who have even received Orthodontic treatment from their parents or spouse as a Christmas Gift!

So are you wanting to give the brace face in your life something for Christmas to help them remember this special time in their life?  These cute ornaments are a fun way to remember this big step, whether it’s the year that they get their braces on or off!


Something else to keep in mind to “treat” your family and friends who have braces is to make your holiday goodies braces friendly.  Just because they have braces doesn’t mean that they can’t have yummy food!  They just have to make good choices!

There are several Braces Cookbooks available online.  Here are some of our favorites


So treat those who have braces right and give them so extra TLC this Christmas!