Understanding Damon Braces In Orem Utah With Wade Thompson Ortho

When it comes to teeth, aesthetics have always been important, and understanding how products like Damon braces in Orem Utah with Wade Thompson Ortho work for you can help make a huge difference in the way that you choose the products that go into your oral care. There are plenty of items on the market that fall into similar categories as this treatment, but there are some differences that you should consider before making any solid decisions on how you’d like to proceed with teeth alignment.

Sliding-Door Technology

One thing that sets Damon braces in Orem Utah with Wade Thompson Ortho apart from other similar styles of oral alignment tool is their sliding-door technology, which uses archwires that are maintained by a sliding portion that alleviates the friction in ordinary brace equipment which can actually slow the process of moving your teeth. The more traditional styles use elastic bands which hold the bracket in one spot and bind it onto the wire, restricting movement in your mouth, which can hinder what you’re working toward rather than helping it along.

Facial Balance

The technology used in Damon braces in Orem Utah with Wade Thompson Ortho does more than just line up your pearly whites; it can actually alter your mouth completely. All oral products of this kind work to make your smile straighter, but not all of them are able to deliver results that also broaden your smile and facial symmetry, giving you an allover more aesthetic appearance. This type of treatment isn’t going to give you the kind of extreme results that you see with plastic surgery, but if you’re looking for a drastic before and after then this is one way you can get the most out of your alignment.

Comparing Invisible Alternatives

Damon braces in Orem Utah with Wade Thompson Ortho are noticeably less visible than the more classic models, but when compared to other invisible retaining tools they give far more advantages while still allowing a less noticeable amount of equipment on your teeth. Not only has the reviews of this product shown it to be more comfortable than other methods, it also stays on all day and night providing you with constant improvement, while retainer style invisible solutions can be removed a couple of hours out of each day which means there is a period where no improvement is being made.

Payment Plans

When it comes to pricing options Damon braces in Orem Utah with Wade Thompson Ortho are very similar to other alignment tools in that you can get financing for partial coverage through many dental plans. There are some practices that might also offer private financing, while others won’t be as acceptable to the notion. Flexible spending accounts are another thing to consider, but again, not all plans include coverage for this treatment. Cost will be determined by your dental professional and the course of payment will need to be worked out with that office before you make the choice to accept this form of alignment for your teeth.

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