Types Of Braces: Choosing The Right Fit For You

Types Of Braces: Choosing The Right Fit For You


If you currently have or are developing misaligned teeth then you know that there are many concerns that go along with such a condition. Crooked teeth can often be unsightly and can also cause many dental health problems down the road. When your teeth are not in proper alignment it can cause uneven wear, make it difficult to clean your teeth, and even cause tension or headaches in more severe cases. If you are ready to look into getting braces to help correct your smile, here is a list of a few options for braces that are available to you.

The most common type of braces continues to be metal braces. This type of treatment is available through any orthodontist and is generally your lowest cost option. The procedure itself involves brackets and bands that are glued to the front of your teeth and adjusted over a period of time slowly bringing your teeth in line. Though it can be a time consuming process, the cost savings of this tried and true process can be worth it for those concerned about a budget. If you want a less obvious solution that is more aesthetically pleasing, ceramic braces are slight upgrades that are more hidden on the surface of your teeth while providing the same results.

Lingual braces are another great option for those who are concerned with how their braces may look. These braces are applied behind the teeth and work much in the same way as traditional braces. They can tend to be a bit more expensive but the benefits to the wearer often outweigh the costs associated with them. Other braces include Damon Braces which do not require banding making them more comfortable to the wearer and newer technologies like Invisalign braces that are not only nearly invisible, but can be taken out at any time as well.

The look and feel of your teeth should be a top priority not only for your own self confidence but for your health as well. Our dental health is a good indicator of our overall well being and should always be taken very seriously. The first thing many other people see when they meet us is our face and our smile, and putting our best look forward can help in many situations. If you feel the time is right for you to finally correct your misaligned teeth, make that crucial first appointment with your orthodontist today.