Thompson Orthodontics Orem Utah Flat Dr. T

Can you tell that we like to have fun here at Thompson Orthodontics?  Well, here is yet another one of our fun summer contests!

You may have heard of “Flat Stanley”, well we would like to introduce you to “Flat Dr. T.”  He’s cute, friendly and he would love to hang out with you this summer!  Take him with you on your summer adventures and take his picture where ever you go!  We want you in the picture too, wearing your Thompson Orthodontics T-shirt, of course!   Send your pictures in to us with a description of where you are and what you are doing and we will add you to the Flat Dr. T  Wall of Fame!  At the end of the summer, prizes will be given for the most tropical,  farthest away and most creative!  You can dress him, color him add a hat or prop… the possibilities are endless!  Let the good times roll!  We can’t wait to see where you will go!  Email your photos to flatdrt@gmail.com

Copies of Flat Dr. T are available in our office.  If you are unable to come in you can email us and we will send a copy of the image to you to print at home!  thompsonorthodontics@gmail.com


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