The Benefits Damon Braces Orem Utah Orthodontists Can Give You

Millions of people worldwide have misaligned teeth. While dentistry has seen some great technological advances, many still offer conventional braces in order to solve this problem. While these types of braces work, they are not actually the best option out there. The fact that they look terrible is just one part of this. They are also uncomfortable and it is more likely for food to get trapped in them, creating infections. Furthermore, they take a long time to actually resolve the issue. When it comes to Damon braces Orem Utah orthodontists feel that these are much better options. And it seems that they are right.

Why Traditional Braces Are a Bad Idea

There are many reasons as to why traditional braces should be avoided if at all possible. First of all, they are incredibly uncomfortable. Yet, they cannot be taken off, which means patients are in discomfort for very long periods of time. Secondly, they have a very long recovery time, even after they have come off. Additionally, they often cause difficulty speaking. They also restrict a person’s diet, as foods can get stuck in the braces. Clearly, Damon braces, which have none of these problems, are a better option.

What Are Damon Braces?

When it comes to Damon braces Orem Utah orthodontists are encouraging their patients to choose this as an option instead. These braces use some of the latest technology. They are very lightweight, which means they are comfortable to wear. Additionally, it is much harder for food to get stuck in them. Additionally, because they are self-litigating, they are much quicker in terms of achieving results. Additionally, it means fewer appointments with an orthodontist are needed. Essentially, it addresses all the disadvantages of conventional braces.

The adjustment that is needed for conventional braces is something that many people find annoying. This is because, every time they start to feel comfortable, they have to be tightened again, leading to more discomfort. Additionally, they have to be tightened every six weeks or so, compared to every 10 weeks on average with Damon braces. This also means that, while Damon braces themselves are more expensive, the cost of treatment is actually a lot cheaper. Additionally, because overall treatment is quicker, treatment time is reduced even more.

Interestingly, Damon braces also automatically adjust teeth in order to match facial characteristics. They are known to make smiles wider, given a beautiful and radiant look to the face. Since this can be achieved in a much quicker time as well, the benefits just seem to go on and on.

Finding Damon Braces Orem Utah Orthodontists

If you are convinced that Damon braces are right for you, you need to find a good orthodontist to offer them to you. Spend some time researching your different options and make sure you take advantage of any free consultations they offer. Always trust your instincts and only visit a dentist whom you feel has your best interests at heart and is properly qualified and experienced to actually give you the treatment.

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