Super Fun Mad Scientist Potion- Braces Friendly Fun

Here is another fun recipe that works great for braces!  Just make sure you brush after drinking a sugary/high color drink.  Enjoy!

Mad Scientist Potion
By Our Best Bites

Large glass jars or beverage containers
Brightly colored drink of your choice
Dry Ice (1 pound per gallon of potion)
Heavy-duty gloves and/or an oven mitt and tongs

Prepare drinks if necessary in the beverage jars. Otherwise, pour the drinks into the jars.

Carefully break up the dry ice with a mallet or a hammer. Add one piece (about 4-6 inches somewhere on the piece) per gallon at a time to the drink containers and replenish the dry ice as necessary. Serve immediately, ladling the juice into cups and leaving the dry ice in the large containers.

Note: The 1 pound per gallon rule will give you about an hour’s worth of potion. If you need 2 hours, you’ll need 2 pounds per gallon, and on and on. :)


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