Line It Up With Invisalign

People of Orem, Utah, listen up.  For centuries, children, teenagers, and adults have struggled with crooked teeth.  Some have been more of an eyesore than others, while many also experience oral discomfort, based on the severity of their misalignment.  Metal braces started making their way into these crooked mouths in the late 1930s.  For decades, people have worn metal braces, and have not only endured more discomfort from them, but have also lived through mean bullies and nicknames like “Brace Face.”  Invisalign has come to the rescue of Orem, Utah’s crooked teeth.  This revolutionary realignment system has almost become the norm, replacing the hassle of the entire system of metal braces.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Find an orthodontist in Orem who offers Invisalign as an option.  This shouldn’t be too daunting a task since many orthodontists across the country have adopted this method.  Talk with them and decide for certain whether you are a good candidate to use the Invisalign system.
  2. our orthodontist will then create a 3-D image of your teeth.  They will take x-rays and pictures, and you will make impressions of your teeth using that special gel or putty material.  It won’t taste great, but it’s a small price to pay.  After all of these images are compiled, your orthodontist will have a 3-dimensional look at your teeth so they can develop a treatment plan for you.
  3. After all things are considered, you will receive your Invisalign trays.  Pop the first one in, then change them out approximately every two weeks.  Check in with your orthodontist about every six weeks so both of you can see your progress.
  4. When your treatment plan is complete, show off those freshly straightened pearly whites!  You will have gained so much confidence that you will find reasons to smile, as if there aren’t enough reasons to smile in Orem, Utah, anyway.


Don’t let the woes of painful, bulky metal braces get you down anymore.  It’s time to lighten up the load and go with a fresher, more convenient teeth-straightening device.  Invisalign is light, comfortable, and so much easier to clean than traditional braces.  There are no wires, no tightening procedures, and no awkward color blocks.  Orthodontists in Orem, Utah are offering their patients the most cutting-edge treatments.  Invisalign is one of the most advanced options available for straightening your teeth.  So stop waiting and go get your consultation.  Line your teeth up with Invisalign.