Health Benefits Of Straight Teeth

Health Benefits Of Straight Teeth


While your first reaction when asked why it is better to have straight teeth might lean towards aesthetics, the truth is that there are many advantages to properly aligned teeth. While straight teeth are considered more appealing my many from a strictly cosmetic standpoint, there are a variety of reasons that we should all strive to have a straight smile. From Orem, Utah all the way to New York, more people are turning to orthodontics like Damon Braces to help correct their tooth alignment issues. What are the reasons for undergoing a procedure like this other than simply looking better?

The first thing you need to realize that a straight smile is not only a beautiful smile, but a healthier one as well. By correcting bite abnormalities and other inherent issues with misaligned teeth you can avoid many issues further down the road. When your teeth are arranged in proper rows and with normal spacing you will produce a proper bite. This allows your teeth to wear down at a more even rate creating a consistent look to them as well as maintaining their overall health. It can also place the joints and muscles in your face in a more natural and relaxed position.

If you ignore any crooked teeth problems you may have you can open yourself up to issues with TMJ, jaw and neck pain, and even migraines. Fatigue can also be an issue as crooked teeth tend to make other areas of our face overcorrect causing undo stress over time. Additionally teeth that are misaligned are much harder to clean than straight teeth, and this can lead to excessive plaque buildup and more areas for germs to populate in freely leading to a number of dental problems. Luckily all of these issues can be addressed with a consultation with your family orthodontist.

By sitting down with your orthodontist you can formulate a plan to give your smile a healthier and more pleasing appearance. Not only will this boost your confidence, but it can also prevent dental emergencies in the future. There are a number of treatment options available ranging from veneers to braces that can be catered to suit your needs and concerns. If you feel that the time is right to finally get your teeth straightened out to look and feel better, set up an appointment with your local orthodontist today to take your first steps.