Explore Damon Braces From Your Orem, Utah Orthodontist

The Orem, Utah workforce has more computer programmers than it does any other kind of profession. It is a city that is made up of married couples who are college educated and raising families. This is the kind of population that expects its medical professionals to have all of the latest solutions to even the most extreme situations. When you visit an Orem, Utah orthodontist with severe teeth straightening issues, you can rest assured that there is a solution which will get you the smile you have always wanted.

Damon braces were developed by an orthodontist named Dr. Dwight Damon. Dr. Damon had seen what transparent mouthpieces could do to help patients get the smile that they wanted, but he also knew that the invisible mouthpieces were not the right solution in every case. There were those cases that still required a bit more resistance to the way that the teeth were growing in, and those cases were forced to use the old metal braces. That was until Dr. Damon developed his effective invisible system of braces that changed everything.

Orem patients that need more help with their teeth can now ask their orthodontist about getting Damon braces installed instead of metal braces. The Damon braces are designed to be much more comfortable than metal braces, and their transparent look is much more appealing than metal braces. On top of being extremely comfortable, the Damon braces utilize an innovative sliding system for adjustments that makes it easier for your orthodontist to move your braces into position.

The Damon braces cut down on the number of adjustments that are needed, they make wearing braces much more comfortable and they cut down on the stigma that braces often bring. The patients in Orem who now need to have their teeth aligned can have the entire process done in a way that is not going to force them to make radical changes to their lives. They can still go to social functions and have the confidence they need to get through the day. The Damon braces were a huge breakthrough for people who still need the durability of braces, but want to avoid all of the problems that come with metal appliances. You can have the smile you want without having to visit the orthodontist every week for an adjustment and without having to worry about metal braces glistening in the warm, Orem sun.

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