Explaining What Is Invisalign And How It Could Work For You

When it comes to your dental hygiene it’s easy to find yourself asking questions about processes and products, like, “What is invisalign, and would it work for your teeth?” Ultimately, these kinds of concerns should be addressed by your dentist, but when it comes down to it, these types of clear braces can work in almost anybody’s mouth, and have plenty of advantages over the competition, although some people still prefer the more classic approach to aligning their pearly whites. If you find yourself wondering about the above question, check out some of the information below, regarding this treatment and what it entails.

The Process

So what is Invisalign, you ask? Well, it’s a teeth straightening system similar to that of traditional metal braces with a few unique alterations. This product is produced in one complete piece called a tray, rather than separate parts connected by metal joiners; it’s clear and created from a thermoplastic material. Cherie Berkley, MS, of Web MD writes:

“Patients wear a series of clear, removable orthodontic aligners that are adjusted as the teeth shift into place without metal or wires.”

The first set of aligners go in for about two weeks before they are removed and a second set takes its place. The number of aligners you require will vary based on your teeth and the particular dental problems you’re facing. As time goes on these tools will alter the placement of your teeth in very small degrees until they are in the correct position.

Who Should Consider Them

Although most people should have no trouble qualifying for this style of braces, there are some mouths that won’t benefit from them. This is why a series of tests and x-rays will take place before you’re fitted for alignment devices. Colgate.com explains:

“Many people’s teeth are irregular in some way. For example, teeth may be slightly crowded or unevenly spaced. In fact, experts say many adults have an irregular bite.”

You might find that you qualify for the procedure but don’t find it to your liking once you start, which can also make it easier to change methods due to the fact that each set is created individually. This means that if you change your mind, you can simply not have the next alignment created, rather than going through the pain of having metal fixtures un-tightened and removed.


Obviously, one of the top answers to the common question, “what is invisalign?” has to do with the aesthetics of the product. It isn’t just a way to align your teeth properly; it’s also done in a way that allows you to live your life as you did before without the worry of anything looking out of place. Although you will know that your mouth has been fitted with this clear structure, unless you tell your friends and family, it will most likely be unknown to them that the tray is even on your teeth at any given time.


Finally, there is the convenience of this form of dental brace which stems from the fact that it is removable at any time. The simplicity of this product increases functionality as well as minimizing time loss. Knowyourteeth.com advises:

“Not only are these braces invisible, but they also are removable so they won’t trap food and plaque between your teeth like metal braces.”

In the past you might wait hours for braces to be properly adjusted and tightened, where now it is simply completed by slipping off the old plate and inserting the new. It may still give some discomfort during the process as you’re adjusting the positioning of teeth and there will be pressure in order to do this, but some people have said it is less painful than older models, simply because it doesn’t happen tooth by tooth, but rather all at one time.

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