Damon Braces: Mixing The Old With The New

Back in the late 1930’s, traditional metal braces were invented.  Up until a few years ago, they were the only available method of straightening crooked teeth.  However, there’s a new wave of an alignment trend that is sweeping through Orem, Utah, and all the misaligned teeth that exist.  It’s called Damon Braces, and it’s an updated version of metal braces.


The Damon difference lies in the bracket.  Traditional metal braces were constructed in such a way that the wire going through them had to be tied to each bracket.  This allows for almost no flexibility in your mouth, thus causing more pain and discomfort, and can essentially slow down treatment.


Damon Clear braces free up your mouth.  They secure the wire within the bracket, so no extra binding is necessary.  The innovative design of the braces allows the wires to move when your mouth moves, so it’s easier to talk, eat, and laugh without wincing.  Another great thing about Damon Clear braces is the fact that they’re clear.  There is no weird metal-color mosaic when you smile, so your confidence begins as soon as you start wearing Damon braces.


Damon Braces deliver incredible results comparable to those of traditional braces.  In addition to creating a beautifully straight smile, Damon Braces also enhance your facial balance and overall aesthetic appearance.  Many patients see a difference in their entire face, not just their teeth. Your teeth come out beautifully aligned and perfectly set with the design of your mouth.  Everyone’s progress and outcome is different, but you will not be disappointed with your new smile from Damon Braces.


The cost of Damon Braces is comparable to just about any other alignment system.  Many Orem orthodontists offer flexible financing, but the best method of payment is a Flexible Spending Account, if you have one.


Again, see the Damon difference.  It’s non-invasive, and perfect for adults who want to take the next step in obtaining a better smile.  Combining traditional straightening with new, innovative technology, you get the flexibility and comfort you need with the outcome you want.  It’s not “out with the old, in with the new” anymore.  It’s “take the old and make it new again.”  With Damon braces, you can start to notice a change within ten weeks.  It’s time to take the next step toward a more confident you.  Make your old smile new with the Damon system.