Damon Braces: Inventing A New Way To Smile

They say that the eyes are windows to the soul, but how much can a smile say about a person? Needless to say, a beautiful smile can really take you places. Unfortunately not everyone feels confident enough to flash a grin to the world and many explore the option of orthodontics. Braces are not just for kids but they’re for anyone looking to align their teeth and achieve a perfect smile. A few common concerns with braces are the discomfort they cause and how they alter one’s image. The pain. The tightening. The pressure. The appearance.


While everyone is anxious to shine those pearly whites, no one is anticipating the distress. Damon braces help patients to avoid these issues with new and innovative technology called “self-ligation.” This system caters to the comfort of the patient, and focuses on speedy and efficient alignment. Damon braces have been making a debut all over the country and are now available to residents of Orem, Utah.


The Process


Self-ligation means that braces are worn without the need to be tightened and without the pulling of rubber bands. The technology used here eliminates friction and allows teeth to shift easily and quickly. Damon users also experience no extractions and need no spacers most of the time. How is this done?


Damon braces use an inventive sliding mechanism to hold the wire in place unlike traditional braces that hold the wire using bands. Because the wire is free to move around in the sliding mechanism, fewer adjustments and trips to the orthodontist are made. This also means less manual tightening and less sore discomfort.


And who wouldn’t rather push the fast forward on their braces-wearing time? Damon braces are the only ones that use memory wire which cause teeth to shift faster. You can achieve your best look in a fraction of the time and get back to enjoying life.


The Image


Damon braces also take into account the many aesthetic concerns of patients. Though there is nothing wrong with the look of braces, most would like to conceal the appearance of them for school pictures, special occasions and in the workplace. The Damon system accommodates this with smaller, compact brackets and a single wire. Clear brackets are conveniently available as well. Take back your life and take back your smile. After all, it is your best asset!


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