Beautify That Smile With Damon Braces

Residents of Orem are lucky to now have access to a state of the art new orthodontic system called the Damon Clear system. Damon Clear is more than just a set of braces, but rather a whole new approach to orthodontic procedures. In addition to a unique new brace design, the Damon system allows dentists to move teeth in ways they cannot with traditional braces.


Here is how it works:


It all starts with the unique design of Damon braces. A typical set of braces uses elastic bands to hold the archwire (the wire that runs through the brackets on the teeth) in place. These elastic bands put added pressure on the brace, actually slowing the straightening process. The Damon system avoids this problem by using a bracket that clamps down on the archwire itself, so elastics do not need to be wrapped around the bracket to hold the archwire. This has a number of advantages over traditional braces:


Easy to Adjust: With no elastics to remove, it is easy for dentists to quickly adjust the tension on the arch wire. This makes appointments shorter and results appear faster.


More Comfortable: Damon braces don’t take up so much room in the mouth making them easier to wear and reducing the potential for speech impediment.


Fewer Dental Visits: Because the Damon system works more efficiently, a patient will likely only require around 16 adjustments on average, compared with 30 adjustments with traditional braces.


Aesthetically Pleasing: With no brightly colored rubber bands wrapped around the braces, they are almost impossible to spot from far away, and don’t draw the eye up close.


The unique technology used by the Damon system allows dentists to work more efficiently and help a patient get better results, faster. The Damon system focuses the initial phases of straightening on up righting and de-rotating teeth, which leads ultimately to a broader, more even smile. This initial phase of straightening also eases later phases in which gaps are closed and teeth are pulled parallel to the gums.


Once installed, Damon braces are also designed to be easier to clean than traditional braces. The absence of elastics means fewer little crevices for food bits and plaque causing bacteria to hide in. While any braces will be an adjustment for a patient, choosing the Damon system helps eliminate some of the hassles that come with wearing braces.


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